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General Dentistry & Periodontal Care

Dental Clinic in Sudbury Providing Complete Oral Care Services

Keeping smiles healthy is what Groupe Dentaire Sudbury Dental Group strives to do each day at our dental clinic in Sudbury. We prevent, diagnose and treat a wide variety of oral conditions, disorders and diseases in order to keep our patients’ mouths in optimal health. Our range of oral care services can help to improve your overall wellbeing, by starting with a healthy mouth. If visiting the dentist makes you uneasy, we now offer nitrous sedation, or “laughing gas” to help with dental anxiety.


The dentists at our office will do an examination of your mouth to check for cavities and periodontal disease, better known as gum disease. We will assess your risk for developing oral health complications in the future as well as look inside your mouth and examine your face, neck and mouth for irregularities.

Groupe Dentaire Sudbury Dental Group provides the following general dentistry services:

Dental Hygiene Services

When you visit our clinic for a routine cleaning, our dental hygienists will polish your teeth, educate you on the proper oral care regimen to use when attending to your oral hygiene at home, and if necessary, X-rays will be taken to get a better look at your teeth and the bone that supports them.

Laser Services

Lingual frenulum

Infants and children who are born tongue-tied have limited tongue movement. This happens due to fusion or adherence of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. Children affected by this can experience difficulties eating as they are not able to latch onto their mother’s breast or even be bottle fed. Being tongue-tied also affects speech in older children and the ability to soothe an infant with a soother. If your infant or toddler experiences this, our experienced team of dental professionals can help with laser treatment.

Gum Surgery

At Sudbury Dental Group, we offer laser treatment for gum related issues. For more information, please contact our office to schedule a consultation.


An X-ray (radiograph) is essential for your dentist to develop an effective treatment plan. By using an X-ray, your dentist can see teeth, bone and supporting tissues of the mouth with greater detail.


If you have a dental carie, better known as a cavity, your dentist may use a filling to restore your damaged tooth. Fillings come in composite which is made to match the colour of your teeth, as well as amalgam fillings which are made of metal.


Sometimes when patients have a cavity which is too large to effectively restore with a filling, the only way for the dentist to relieve your discomfort is to remove the tooth causing it; this is called an extraction. Extractions are done with the aid of anaesthetic or sedation.

Root Canals

If you have an infected tooth, your dentist may suggest doing a root canal treatment to repair and save it. During the root canal, the dentist removes the damaged and infected area of the tooth, known as the pulp, cleans and disinfects it, and finishes by filling and sealing the tooth.


Without regular visits to the dentist, your mouth can accumulate plaque and tartar which can be difficult to remove with brushing and flossing alone. When tartar builds up in your mouth, it eats away at the tooth and surrounding structures which support the tooth, leaving you susceptible to periodontal disease. Periodontics is a branch of dentistry which focuses on the structures that surround and support your teeth, such as gums, alveolar bone, cementum and the periodontal alignment. When periodontal disease is present, you will notice inflammation and/or bleeding of the gums. If left untreated, periodontal disease will lead to teeth becoming dislodged from the receding bone which houses them, and eventually falling out. When you have missing teeth, it becomes difficult to eat and talk effectively and you may require dental implants or cosmetic dentistry to restore the missing teeth. At each visit to Groupe Dentaire Sudbury Dental Group, your dentist or dental hygienist will thoroughly clean your mouth to help prevent gum disease and check for signs of periodontitis. 

At Groupe Dentaire Sudbury Dental Group we take care of your oral health; contact us now to book an appointment.

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