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Dr. Parth Virani

Dr. Parth Virani is a General Dentist at Sudbury Dental Group

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Dr. Virani, Sudbury Dentist

Dr. Parth Virani graduated as a dentist in India and came to Canada in 2013. He successfully passed all the requirements to practice in Canada.  He has worked multiple years in The Pas, Northern Manitoba. Most recently he has been living in Sudbury and working in Massey.  He has had ties to Sudbury for about 8 years now and has decided to grow his roots here. He is married with 4-year-old twins and is happy to call Sudbury home.

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi and Gujarati

Hobbies: Wildlife photography, being a drone pilot, travelling, playing video games.

If you weren’t a dentist, what would you be? A Paleontologist

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