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Dr. Roch St. Aubin

Dr. Roch St. Aubin is a General Dentist at Sudbury Dental Group in Sudbury. 

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Dr. Dentist, Sudbury Dentist

Dr. Roch St.Aubin (Doc Roch) is a BSc, DDS, FICD, PFA, ACD, ODA Board of Directors, and also a Level 3 Ski Instructor. He graduated from Western University in 1986 and began working at Sudbury Dental Group the same year. 

“One of the most important things to me in my role as a dentist is always putting my patients first. “

Favourite Saying: “You Would Eat It If You Were On A Deserted Island”

Bucket List: Climb Mount Everest, Base Jump, Skydiving And Ride My Motorcycle Across Canada

Favourite Song: Hero

Favourite Restaurant: Verdicchio Ristorante

Ideal Vacation / Best Vacation I’ve Had: Helicopter Skiing In British Columbia

Hobbies: Motorcycles & Working Out

Favourite Movie: Caddy Shack

Favourite Sport And Team: Motogp - Repsol Honda Team

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